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On April 10, ZHEJIANG OULING FILTECH CO.,LTD. donated 150,000 masks, with a total value of 270,000 yuan, to wuyi county material support group. In the afternoon, the wuyi county material support group will be donated by enterprises of which 100,000 masks transferred to the county education bureau, by the county education bureau to each school, for the school to prepare for the resumption of classes, help schools fight the epidemic.
At the donation ceremony, wuyi county education bureau and county material support group expressed thanks to the two caring enterprises. "Since the outbreak, caring enterprises and caring people have lent a helping hand, donated medical supplies and helped coordinate the smooth procurement channels." Officials in charge of the county's material support group said they would transfer 10,000 donated masks to the education system to ensure students' health and safety in school.
"Our business has worked with the education system for 13 years as a fixed-point delivery service. Now the school is about to reopen. Considering that there may be a shortage of masks in the school, I want to donate some masks to the school to do something for the school." Zhejiang ou ling xiao-dong zou net control technology co., LTD., general manager, said the campus is people highly populated places, is the key area of epidemic prevention and control, as we also want to fight for win the epidemic prevention and control to do his part, provide power for school teachers and students can help, to reassure the teacher in the school teaching, let the students study in school at ease. "As a mask manufacturer, it is our social responsibility to donate some masks. It is also the wish of the company. We hope that we can help the school's epidemic prevention and control work." Zhejiang silver light reflective material manufacturing co. LTD. General manager Chen yuexian told the author.
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